COVID-19 Babywearing

COVID-19 Babywearing

We never truly know what we're capable of until we're put in moments of uncertainty. The coronavirus has surely been a testament to the power of community and working together for the greater good. It has been challenging for all of us, especially as parents. There has been much frustration, grief, and anxiety all around the world and here at home. In these moments though, we have found strength, resilience, and resourcefulness; a true testament to our creativity during COVID-19. 

It may seem like a small thing, but a baby carrier can be a source of so much safety, familiarity, and stability for your child. I think that baby wearing during this pandemic is so important, whether you need to pop out to the store or get work done around the house. Here are some reasons for using your Heirloom Carrier ring sling during the coronavirus.

  •  Your ring sling leaves your hands free for many activities. If you need to wash your hands, prep lunch, tidy up, or even help an older child with school work, it's baby wearing for the win!
  • Naps on the go may be a necessity during this time. Simply put baby in your sling so you can take advantage of being mobile while baby sleeps.
  • Babies and toddlers are incapable of social distancing. If you do a bi-weekly grocery shop or go out in public for some fresh air, wearing your child will keep them close to you and prevent them from touching multiple surfaces and then putting their hands in their mouths.
  • Frequent requests for feedings (both bottle- and breastfeeding) are easily met while in the sling, hands-free is even possible! 
  • Heirloom Carrier ring slings are very easy to wash, and the coronavirus does not thrive on fabrics as much as it does on other surfaces (such as plastic). Hand wash and hang to dry, and you'll have a clean carrier in no time. 
  • If washing your sling is too time consuming (I totally understand!), make use of carrier accessories instead, which are easier to wash in the machine. Things like ring covers and drool bibs are great for this purpose!

Staying close to home and preventing the spread of germs is obviously at the top of everyone's mind right now. I hope these tips are useful for using your Heirloom Carrier to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

I want you to remember that children of all ages can pick up on our emotions of anxiety and stress, but using a carrier provides a feeling of love and security for all, providing needed reassurance during this pandemic. Skin-to-skin doesn't stop working at a certain age, it's always there as a tool to use and I hope you choose to. I've even been doing extra baby wearing around the house, not for any reason other than to comfort my children. It's definitely helping.

 I hope you are all staying safe and washing your hands frequently. I know we'll all get through this and come out the other side more grateful for the beautiful freedoms we've been taking for granted. I'm thinking of you all. 

N.B. Please be sure to follow the health recommendations of organizations such as the World Health Organization and Health Canada during COVID-19. They are here to help us. If you think you have come into contact with the coronavirus, please reach out to your primary healthcare provider to ensure proper protocols are followed for testing and support.