Little Loom and You

Little Loom and You

I'm so proud to finally announce my Little Loom collection! Not only do these mini ring slings help introduce babywearing to your older children, they're also so fun for kids to play with!

I started making mini Heirloom Carrier slings for a couple of reasons, but the primary one was to reduce the amount of leftover fabric I was producing. I strive for producing ethical carriers and that includes as little waste as possible. With that said, the quantities and colours of Little Looms will vary depending on my fabric cuts and what's leftover.

When you have multiple children, we all know that baby wearing can be a huge lifesaver. You can keep your hands free while still giving your youngest your full attention. From my own experience, though, this can leave your eldest (and other older children) feeling left out and wanting to be just like mama. That's where Little Looms come in! My Allegra had been asking for her own sling for so long and she was the very first recipient and tester. Whenever I put Viera in the sling, Allegra often mimics me and puts her dolls or stuffed animals in hers. It keeps us bonded because we're both "baby" wearing.

My hope is that you will love the new Little Loom collection as much as I do. With our first launch, we only have one colour available, but it's a beautiful cool grey neutral, cut from silk matka, called Ice. 

As a thank you for supporting my small business and this new product launch, please enjoy 50% off the purchase of any Little Loom when you buy a ring sling with code 'LITTLELOOM4ME'. And be sure to share your pictures of your minis babywearing @heirloomcarrier with #myheirloomcarrier.

*Please note that Little Looms are intended for play and are not meant to carry an actual child. They are not safety tested and should be used only with adult supervision.*