The Season of Shopping

The Season of Shopping

I can't believe how fast the time has gone and that 2018 is almost at an end. We all know what this typically's time to shop shop shop! 

I've been thinking a lot about Black Friday and upcoming Boxing Day shopping and was honestly conflicted with having a sale, but as a consumer, I do love a good deal and wanted to extend one to you all too! As a small business owner, it's tough to offer deep discounts. Fast fashion has seriously taken over and we are consuming at an all-time high for things that are inhumanely and cheaply made. I'm trying to do the opposite with Heirloom Carrier.

All of my linen and silk ring slings are made locally and ethically. I source my fabrics from a couple different places, but I typically use a local fabric distributor, or head straight to the manufacturer and import the fabrics from overseas myself. All of my fabrics are natural, non-synthetic, and organic when possible, made with low-impact dyes. My aluminum rings are sourced from a distributor within Canada, as well as my packaging and labels. All of my sewing is done at a design studio here in Vancouver. All of the people I deal with, I know by name, and I'm confident in their manufacturing process. What this boils down to is that my products are not made cheaply. They are a complete labour of love each step of the way. Because of this, I am simply unable to offer deep discounts on my baby carriers.

I wanted to write this all down so that you can understand that when you purchase an Heirloom Carrier, you are purchasing with power. You are making a difference in the world and helping to quell the concept of fast fashion. In its place, we are being conscious about creating a better world for ourselves and our children, and what could be better than that?

May this season be a joyous one. I know you've all filled me with such a sense of happiness as you've supported me. Thank you for shopping small and making a difference with me.