Welcome to Heirloom Carrier

"Heirloom Carrier was born from a love of holding my babies close. I’m a wife and mother, first and foremost, but I’m also a memory keeper. I always gravitate to quality goods that can be kept and passed down, which is what I hope for my ring slings. There are so many memories attached to wearing our babies...the touches and sensations we never want to forget and the sense of being so close and cuddled up tight. These ring slings are something you can keep as a memento, something to be passed down for when our babies have babies."


As mothers, we are our children’s keepers. We have carried our babies through life and our bodies are etched with their imprints. We forever hold their secrets and will always be the first place they called home.

If you’re new to ring slings, let’s fill you in a little bit. They are one-shouldered baby carriers with a set of rings for custom adjustability. Typically, they are for those that love woven wraps but need less material and something super simple. Your comfort is the most outstanding aspect of a ring sling. When the fabric is stretched over your shoulder and back, your baby’s weight is distributed equally—whether a newborn or toddler (our slings support children weighing 8-35lbs.).

Cuddling up with your baby in an Heirloom Carrier ring sling is one of the best and simplest ways to get to know and better understand them, and vice versa! Not only will you be physically closer to your baby, but also mentally and emotionally while providing you with the freedom and convenience to handle your time most effectively.

At Heirloom Carrier, our main objective is to give you a modern day twist on traditional babywearing. We’re so happy to provide Canadian-made ring sling carriers that are beautiful, safe, practical, useful, and well-made. With a contemporary look and feel, our slings are designed to keep your baby close and safe while highlighting your personal style. We pride ourselves on premium quality silk and linen ring sling baby carriers. The strong, lightweight aluminium rings elegantly complement our fabric choices to enhance the beauty of your sling.  

From newborn to toddler, our ring slings are absolutely perfect for the mama that wishes to develop a special bond with her child while having her hands totally free. And the best part? We are completely devoted to your and your baby’s safety.

To ensure complete ease of use, our ring slings are tested by a third party lab and are certified with both Canadian and American safety regulations. They meet all applicable American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) standards and are compliant with the Canadian Consumer Product Safety Act (CCPSA) and the US Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA). We are adamant about sourcing top quality materials that will provide you with ease of mind, knowing your child is safe.

As a Canadian company, we are so proud to offer a product that is made right here at home. Our vision is to put a spin on traditional babywearing with the addition of style. Your Heirloom Carrier ring sling will allow you to show off your individuality while keeping your baby close! We are entirely dedicated to always improving our slings—new colours and fabrics are always being tested and brainstormed. If you have any ideas or suggestions, we’d love to hear from you!

When you need a practical baby carrier that’s both quick and easy to get on and off as well as fashionable, then an Heirloom Carrier ring sling should be the choice for you. Your infant will be safe in an upright and supported setting and older children will love sitting in a hip carry so that they can see and experience the world around them. Another bonus? Your little one will be close to the one they love the most—you! Keep your memories close to your heart.