Why should I use an Heirloom Carrier sling? 

We’ve created our slings to be fashionable, comfortable, and quick to use while keeping you and your little one cuddled close and supported.

When can I start to wear my baby? 

You can use your Heirloom Carrier from 8lbs. up to 35 lbs. 

How do I break in my sling? 

The simplest way is to wear your baby! By using your sling, you are softening the fabric and making it more comfortable with each use.

Can I breastfeed in my sling? 

Absolutely! All you have to do is loosen the sling and lower to breast level. Once finished, readjust your sling so baby is properly positioned.

Can I carry my baby on my back? 

We do not recommend carrying your child on your back as they will not be in view. Please see our safety rules here for further information.

Which sling is right for me? 

Both our linen and silk slings are comfortable and supportive, it truly comes down to preference. 

Do you offer returns?

We do not currently offer returns or refunds unless the fabric or integrity of the sling is compromised. Please always check for loose seams or torn fabric, etc. before wearing your baby,

Other questions? 

Simply contact us at info@heirloomcarrier.com and we’ll be happy to help!