Please watch the above video for information on how to use a ring sling. This will show you a classic carry. Please see the instructions broken down here. 

How to Thread Your Sling:

  • Hang your sling over one shoulder and wrap fabric around your front without twisting. Take the tail and evenly gather the fabric, pulling it up and passing it through both rings. 
  • Separate the rings and pass the tail under the bottom ring. Place your fingers under the faric between the rings and open up any folds, ensuring the fabric is equally spread. Tighten and adjust the sling by pulling on the tail.

How to Wear Your Baby:

  1. Put on sling, ensuring rings are sitting high on your shoulder. 
  2. Place baby on the shoulder opposite to the rings, slip your hand inside the sling to put baby’s body into the pouch. 
  3. Guide baby through the sling, supporting baby until the bottom rail is at the back of the knees.  
  4. Settle baby into a seated position and pull bottom rail fabric up between you and baby, encouraging baby’s bum down and knees up—a frog-leg position.
  5. Tighten the top and bottom rails to secure baby in place. Check that baby is drawn close to you and back is supported with no slouch.
  6. Ensure baby is comfortable and secure with rings in corsage position, fabric tight across the back, knees higher than bum, and baby close enough to kiss.

Once your baby is secure, it is important to make all of your safety checks. Please see our safety page for all pertinent information. 


For further information, please reach out at info@heirloomcarrier.com.